Overcoming and Coping Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack Tip

I think this tip is one of the most important methods I have learnt to overcome and cope anxiety attack and panic attack.

During my session with my therapist. we have practiced a lot the below exercise which help me so much on many situations and events that I felt falling into the anxiety symptoms and into panic attack.

For example, going to a wedding with many people around, laud talking and laud music can be to much for me. Applying this exercise made a huge different and brought me a big relief.

Tip: Overcoming and Coping Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack 

So, let’s get it on. This is a simple exercise and method to overcome and cope your panic and anxiety attack and you can do it at any place or situation you are.

  1. Close your eyes (or not)
  2. Close and shrink you two hands into fists as strong as you can
  3. While your hand closed count from 1 to 10 slowly
  4. When you get to 10 release your hands
  5. Feel your body and mind calming and relaxing
  6. If needed repeat all the above again

That’s it. So simple.

For best results, I recommend that you practice this method at home. You body will learn that when you do this exercise, it become calm and relaxed and when you will be in a real situation which you need to overcome anxiety and prevent panic attack, it will be efficient and work easy for you.

I hope this tip will help you to overcome and to cope anxiety and panic attack symptoms.

Good Luck!
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