Anxiety and Stress Relief Toys

This time I’ll review some of the Anxiety and Stress Relief Toys you can find and purchase on the internet.

Well, I don’t think that it is scientifically proven that these toys are able to reduce stress or help in a stressful situations on its high levels, but people said it helped them in some cases, so it worth the try.

How it can help in reducing stress and anxiety?

As I read many evidences and product reviews of people on the internet, I understood that the main issue here with these stress and anxiety relief toys based on distraction from the stressful situation or stressful unwanted thoughts.

If you are busy with a funny, colorful, interesting things or fidgets, you don’t have time to be stressed.

All fidgets and toys for reducing stress and anxiety are small-size carried in your pocket and low prices items.

let’s review some of these toys or fidgets here:

Fidget Cube Desk Toy For Stress Relief

Fidget Cube For Anxiety ReliefThis one is well known, I think everyone have purchased it already and if you haven’t bought one yet, you may be one among individuals. The fidget cube has some features you can play with you hand and fingers as you feel anxious or stressed at work or at home. You can “turn on/off” switches, move switches, press buttons as you want. It’s funny but It makes nothing 🙂
You can find many designs for this cubes, some of it balls or 12 sides shapes and more.

Infinity Cube Fidget For Stress Relief

The infinity cube is the next generation of the simple fidget cube. You can create and make a lot of shapes from its connected small cubes. You will find a lot of infinity cubes designs you can choose from.

Squishy Squeeze Stress Reliever Soft Toys

These ones are the relatively new ones in this field of stress and anxiety relief toys. These are soft toys you can squeeze and squash with your hand. From all the above toys, I liked this one. Squeeze and squash things do help in stress situations. You can get it in many shapes: cakes, puppets and more.

What Else…

The are many other stress and anxiety relief toys you can find on eBay and Amazon such as Spinners, Bean Anti-Anxiety Fidget, LED Light Fidget Roller Stick and much more.

All the above can be also a great gift ideas, but if you willing to buy it for small kids, please note if it’s suitable and safe.